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✍🏽 Looking for the secret sauce behind captivating Films, Videos, Television, and Commercials? It's the art of creating a compelling script! Dive into our semester long class and at the end have your work read by actors in the Spring/Winter showcase , Learn how to master storytelling, plot dynamics, character nuances, and create impactful dialogue. Work with an industry professional writer who provides insight on how to work in the industry.

🎨 Dive into our backstage production class, where students embark on a hands-on journey mastering set construction, backdrop design, and prop planning. You will also shadow the Associate Producer and Stage Manager for the Spring/Winter musical theater production. This comprehensive course ensures you're well-equipped behind the scenes, turning visions into captivating stage realities.

📽️Embark on a cinematic adventure in our film making class where you'll brainstorm, create and learn the steps to ultimately bring a short film idea to life. Be guided and coached by Hollywood Director Bobby Logan as he walks you through the process from script development to final edits, which includes casting, location scouting, production, sound and post production. Collaborate with fellow like minded students to create your short. Completed shorts will be screened during the Spring/Winter Showcase.

👗 Delve deeper into the artistry of design with specialized lessons in costume design and stage makeup, equipping you with the skills to bring theatrical visions to life. Plus, our fashion design class offers hands-on learning in concept development, pattern making and sewing, This class supports the live theatrical productions and exhibits independent projects at the Spring/Winter Showcase.

🎭 Explore the art of singing, dancing, and acting with our comprehensive musical theater program! From audition to performance, participants will master harmonization techniques and sight reading in collaboration with movement and acting. Students/Actors will foster confidence, explore vocal health, and collaborate in a vibrant, safe environment to deliver a captivating performance at the Spring/Winter Showcase.

Spring Musical Theater Production

The Wizard of Oz

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